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Learn and Earn in Chandigarh

An IPRS bonanza for members

Renowned for its vibrant and colourful musical heritage, Punjabi music is the triumphant vehicle and the symbolic representation of celebratory music cutting across national and international diaspora.

Music creators from the region, known for their exuberance and panache have garnered legions of followers all across. In fact, Bhangra music and its intoxicating zing is a virtual ticket to dance floors across pubs and parties on the planet. Many of these performers have no less than a cult following. It would therefore only be kosher to assume that these worthies get the deserved recognition and the merited financial compensation for their accomplishments. However, the reality is quite different. Many of these artists at most times lose on both the fronts for lack of awareness on matters impacting their rights. The IPRS – a true friend of music creators- has therefore yet again reached out to its members, this time in Chandigarh, with its “Learn & Earn” initiative, with an exclusive workshop hosted for IPRS members from the territory of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

Given the tremendous shift in the way music is consumed, created and distributed today, it is mandatory that modern creators are fully tuned in to the continuously evolving musical world that is going to be influencing their earnings currently and in the near future. IPRS members individually approach the society with their queries, that are taken cognizance of and resolved at the earliest. What was perhaps more important was to make this a mass movement of awareness creation, which this workshop dealt with in detail.  Topics like Copyright in music, Role of Copyright Societies like IPRS, Importance of Metadata, Evolution of Sound and the emerging Trends and Technological advancement in the digital era were comprehensively covered and lucidly put forth to the members.

The session was remarkable for the enthusiasm it generated among both, the members and the team IPRS. Spruced up with engaging interactions and important learning’s, the session stood out for the curiosity evinced by the members towards the critical takeaways for their future careers.

Speaking about IPRS and the initiative, legendary singer, songwriter and actor Gurdas Maan ji said, “As a member of IPRS, I am so happy that IPRS is conducting these knowledge workshops to create awareness among the music creators and artists on copyright, royalties, and technical matters related to music. This will be an added advantage for creators to work in the music industry. I am very glad that IPRS has shouldered such a big responsibility of educating music makers about all that is relevant. My best wishes to all music lovers and creators. Finally, my message to all music users is to take a license for the music they are using.” This workshop initiative “Learn and Earn” was punctuated with various unforgettable moments. The IPRS looks ahead fondly to garnish many such moments in the future with the other luminous musical stars in our future endeavors. Stay tuned!