Frequently Asked Questions – IPRS

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I register my works with IPRS?
To register your works, you must first become a member of IPRS. As a member, you should register your works immediately upon release. The same should be followed as an on-going process.

What do I have to do to register my works with IPRS?
To register tracks with IPRS, you need to share the complete information (metadata) in the Work Upload Format. Then e-mail it to and

We currently accept works metadata in softcopy. For soft copies kindly use the Work Notification Bulk Upload format available on IPRS website – In case you have any difficulties in filling the Upload format you can join the online training session:

Topic: Work Upload Training Session for IPRS Members
Every week: Tuesday & Friday (excluding holidays)
Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm
For joining the session please write to

What data i need to provide for registration of musical work (excluding cue sheets)?
The following Data needs to be provided for registration of any musical work:

  • The Original Song Title, Duration of the song, Year of release, title of the film/ album/Single, Work category, Singer/Performer, Version (Modified or Original)
  • The Composers’ Full name (C), the Authors’ (Lyricists)’ Full name (A) and the Publisher’s (E) name
  • The Society Work Code identifier, Society code (If members belong to a different society), ISRC code, IPI name number for the Posting society’s members (if available), and Affiliations.
  • Works’ share percentage adding up to 100% with a variance of .06%.
  • Validation link of streaming sites which has the details of CAE mentioned

There are a set of optional details that may be submitted. There is also a process for Sub-Publishers (SE). For further details, please write to us at

4. I have composed/written a song, but my name has not been credited online. What should I do?

If your song is published online and if you find your name missing from the credits in the song info, it is important that you take this up with the respective site to rectify the same. Also do reach out to the Publisher for the necessary changes.