Frequently Asked Questions – IPRS

Frequently Asked Questions

While we urge you to submit your nominee details and complete the nomination process, we have tried answer some of the queries received from our members regarding the nomination process. We hope these answers will help you fill in your nomination forms and complete the process without any error and/or delay. Please note, it is important to submit your nominee details once you become a member of IPRS.

Q1-Why do I need to submit my nomination form as an IPRS member?

Ans: Royalties encourage creativity and help support creators in times of good and bad alike. It ensures a source of income for them when they are creating and also when they aren’t. Royalties are the rightful dues of songwriters and composers, and we value the same.

As your copyright society, we have left no stone unturned to get your due royalties, and we urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure that you do not miss your rightful dues.

Completing the nomination process is one such important step from your end. We request our Members to fulfill the nomination process and submit the nominee details during their lifetime to ensure that their legal heirs continue to receive royalties without any glitches or delay.

In the absence of the nominee details, the legalities involved in enrolling a legal heir member can get cumbersome and time-consuming in India. As per the existing law, to enroll as a legal heir member, the applicant needs to comply with the Probate laws /Succession laws.

However, in the case of a nominee, the nominee/s are empowered to hold and receive all royalties, past, present, and future, in the event of the death of the member.

Q2-What information do I need to provide?

Ans: The information you need to provide to complete your nomination process is:

-Member Name

-Assignment deed date – (if you do not have the Assignment Deed Date, kindly leave it blank). You can however check your assignment deed on the IPRS website.

-Membership/IPI number- (if you do not have your IPI number, kindly mail us @member.relations@iprs .org.)

-Nominee name

-Nominee Date of Birth


-Share Percentage (please provide details with share (%) percentage against each nominee).

-Nominee email id & contact number

-Nominee Pan number

–Witness Name & Address

-Member’s signature on the Nomination form

Q3-What documents do I need to submit?

Ans: Documents needed-

-Nominee KYC (PAN card and any one of the following-Driving License/Aadhar

card/Passport/Voters id card)

-Witness KYC (PAN card and any one of the following-Driving License/Aadhar

card/passport/voters id card)

Q4-How do I submit my nomination form?

Ans: Please click the link – to download the form and submit your nominee details.

The form needs to be appropriately filled with the details mentioned above and duly signed. Once done attach the documents as mentioned in Q3 and send the hard copy to IPRS H.O in Mumbai.

Note – Nomination Forms sent by email will not be accepted.

Q5-What is the share percentage?

Ans: Share percentage refers to the % of the royalty amount which is to be divided among all the nominees.

-100% Royalty share will be allocated in the case of only one Nominee.

-In the absence of share%, royalty will be split equally between all nominees.

We request you to complete your nomination process if you haven’t already done it. For any query, write to us at