Frequently Asked Questions – IPRS

Frequently Asked Questions

As a creator when should I register my work/song?
To register your work, you must first become a member of IPRS. As a member, you should register your work as soon as they are released, in order to receive the due royalties. And, this should be as an ongoing process.

Can I register my works created before I became an IPRS member?
Yes, you can register those works which were created before you became an IPRS member, as part of your repertoire. In fact, if any of these are already in our database as works registered by the other parties then this will help us to take a confirmation on your works already registered in our database.

Why do I need to provide all details even though I have only composed or written the song?
There is certain mandatory information that needs to be filled in while submitting a piece of work. Any member who is a party to the creation as a composer/author/Publisher must provide complete information along with details of all parties involved for any work to be registered. If one of the other parties submit the same track at a later date, then it will be matched with the work already in our database to avoid any chance of duplication. Hence submission of IPIs (Name and Base) of all interested parties becomes significant in such cases.