Frequently Asked Questions – IPRS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ISRC?
Ans: ISRC is the International Standard Recording Code. It is a unique code which the Record Label adds to the sound recordings. It is meant to be unique for each track and each publisher which in turn enables recordings to be uniquely and permanently identified. This helps to avoid ambiguity and simplifies the management of rights when sound recordings are used across different formats, distribution channels or products especially digital medium.

What is a Cue Sheet?
Ans: Cue Sheet is the list of all the musical works (background and songs) contained in an audio-visual work. The cue sheet provides information about each work which includes, the production details (producer, director, principal characters, script writer, supporting characters, duration of the movie, etc) the duration, usage (for example, background instrumental, featured vocal, background vocal, opening theme, etc.), entitled interested parties (name, society of affiliation and IPI name number) and percentage share of each interested party in each song, background, etc.

What is Metadata and Why is it vital?
As a Creator and Publisher of music, the information you enter as metadata helps in storing, sorting, and identifying your music wherever it’s played. Did you know that the royalties IPRS collects as a Copyright Society on your behalf are completely dependent on the metadata you submit? Wrong or incomplete metadata leads to missing proper credit for your streams/usage.

IPRS is glad to organize regular sessions for its members to help them submit their works error-free. Join us every Tuesday & Friday @ 11:30am. To know more write to us at: