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Hello dear friends!

‘Khanak’ is back in your inbox once again with a treasure trove of information.

We learned a lot during our #Learn&Earn Workshops in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

One of the most baffling things that trouble our members is how YouTube royalties’ work.

YouTube has its own terminology and jargon that we must learn to understand how it works. Those who attended the workshop now know the difference between a ‘web asset’ and a ‘sound recording asset’ and how much that can affect your royalties. But there’s more about it in this issue.

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Creators’ Corner

Raghu Dixit –  A Transcontinental Ambassador of Musical Ecstasy

His exuberance hides an evolved musician that is a rare commodity. Making a mark as one of India’s iconic cultural ambassadors Raghu Dixit, in a freewheeling chat talk about music, collaborating with artists, his longevity, and life as a touring musician

Q1) You picked up music rather late in life for such a successful performer after excelling at Bharat Natyam. What was it that propelled you toward music?

By my second year of college, I had trained for 16 years and was an accomplished Bharat Natyam dancer. A classmate who played the Guitar and sang English songs, I thought, made a snide comment that dancing was effeminate and pursued only by women. The comment stirred me and I averred that in 2 months I’d sing an English song as he did and also play the guitar. I challenged him to demonstrate 5 Bharat Natyam steps for me. With some assistance from friends, I learned to play the Guitar, sang the song with it, and won the challenge. That was it- the joy of playing guitar and singing is an unparalleled high for me and continues to this day.

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Interview with Mr. Satvinder Kohli  

Speed Records: Making Punjabi the Global Heartbeat

Speed Records is by many a melody and one of the most popular Punjabi music labels. With a stupendous track record, Speed Records has been scaling greater heights every day. Their successful foray into music channels Speed Bhojpuri, Speed Haryanvi, and Speed Gurbani has them upbeat as they are now readying to launch a bouquet of music channels; Speed Dogri, Speed Kashmiri, Speed Rajasthani, and Speed Gujarati.  Set to roll off soon Speed Records UK is also one of their dream projects. With a whopping 40 million subscribers and counting, Speed Records is marching to its own Universal beat.

We spoke to Satvinder Kohli, Managing Director of Speed Records to get the key to being the phenomenal record label they are. 

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YouTube – A World of New Learnings

An insightful presentation by Nitin Kothare – GM, Streaming/OTT Any queries about YouTube and its operations remain clouded for a lack of knowledge about its everyday functioning. Many of our members are keen to know more about the way YouTube operates and the revenues generate. Here are a few common queries that we would like to answer through this article.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an open platform accessible to anyone with a Google account. Different kinds of content including Music, Entertainment shows covering Movies, Educational content, Travel, Culinary, Fashion, Sports, Animation, Chat shows, Games, and a wide array of User Generated Content can be hosted on this platform.

What is YouTube music content?

Music content on YouTube is available in various forms including Film music, Instrumental music, Cover versions, Unplugged music, Audio tracks, and uploaded jukeboxes. There is also a facility that allows every user to upload his or her music. This is commonly labeled as “User Generated Content” and usually covers Birthday and Wedding videos among others. The music uploaded on YouTube broadly fits into these parameters.

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From IPRS Desk

CreatorsHelpCreators-The Ultimate Act of Friendship

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.

                                                                                                      -Helen Keller

Dear Member,

True friends make you laugh, support you when you are down, inspire you to challenge yourself, dare you to dream, and are always around when you need them very much like the amazing lyrics and compositions of our fellow members.
The irrefutable bond between creators has lived on for ages and sweetened over time. As a composer or a songwriter, you’ve often touched the pinnacle of creation as you let your imagination fructify into musical works of timeless joy. You, the tunesmith or the wordsmith, are in every way a reflection of each other and, in myriad ways, true soulmates.
On the occasion of Friendship Day celebrated on 7th August, we wish to take this a notch higher. How about gifting your creative partner a lifetime present as a gamechanger in his/her life?

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Frequently Asked Questions


While we urge you to submit your nominee details and complete the nomination process, we have tried answer some of the queries received from our members regarding the nomination process. We hope these answers will help you fill in your nomination forms and complete the process without any error and/or delay. Please note, it is important to submit your nominee details once you become a member of IPRS.

Q1-Why do I need to submit my nomination form as an IPRS member?

Ans: Royalties encourage creativity and help support creators in times of good and bad alike. It ensures a source of income for them when they are creating and also when they aren’t. Royalties are the rightful dues of songwriters and composers, and we value the same.
As your copyright society, we have left no stone unturned to get your due royalties, and we urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure that you do not miss your rightful dues.

Completing the nomination process is one such important step from your end. We request our Members to fulfill the nomination process and submit the nominee details during their lifetime to ensure that their legal heirs continue to receive royalties without any glitches or delay.

In the absence of the nominee details, the legalities involved in enrolling a legal heir member can get cumbersome and time-consuming in India. As per the existing law, to enroll as a legal heir member, the applicant needs to comply with the Probate laws /Succession laws.

However, in the case of a nominee, the nominee/s are empowered to hold and receive all royalties, past, present, and future, in the event of the death of the member.

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Stories from the Industry




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