Women Changing Music

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival turned out to be the ideal platform to showcase the emergence of a slew of women music industry leaders who have wrestled with seemingly impossible odds to break the proverbial glass ceiling and made their mark in the Creative, Legal, Corporate sectors associated with music. Here is what they vocalised when they came together for the talk on Women Changing Music at the “Kala Ghoda Event”.

The panellists included:
Shrushti Tawde (India’s first female Hip- Hop music artist)
Gauri Yadwadkar (Head A & R Non film-Times Music)
Priyanka Khimani ( Eminent Entertainment and Intellectual Property Lawyer)
Mercy Tetseo (Multifaceted artist representing the band Tetseo Sisters)
Rumpa Banerjee (Head – Corporate Communication and Members Relations IPRS)
The panel was moderated by Rohini Ramanathan, a multi-faceted host, who believes in making everyday exciting on air and off it.

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India’s Trailblazing Music Composers & Authors

This special for Khanak, on International Women’s Day celebrates four of India’s most prodigious female Author-Composers who have gone on to etch their names on the sands of time while swimming against the current and triumphing against seemingly impossible odds that lay on their path. The names that come to mind almost by reflex include Saraswati Devi, Ashmita Mukherjee, Usha Khanna and Maya Govindji.

Saraswati Devi- Indian Cinemas first professional female music composer..

It would surprise many that the song “Ek Chatur Nar Karke Singar” and “Koi Humdam Na Raha” had their roots in earlier films and were composed by one of India’s pioneering female music composers Khurshid Minocher-Homji popularly known as Saraswati Devi.It would only be appropriate to tag her as Indian Cinemas first professional female music composer who gave music to films produced by outside producers and banners.

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Demystifying Digital Music Distribution

It is primary for the modern-day creator to be in control of his/her work at every stage of their career. Today the music maker, also, needs to know how to make the music reach out to the audience far and wide. TuneCore India head Hina Kriplani is here to demystify Digital Distribution and offer golden tips for every creator and independent artist who wants to make his/her music big.

What in plain terms is the Digital Distribution of music today?

Music distribution in the modern age, primarily, is the process of bringing your song to the listener across platforms. Simply put, it is about making your song available on various music platforms like Apple, Jio Saavn, Spotify, and similar others.

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A month of knowledge-sharing and empowerment

The IPRS in its constant travails to enrich the professional and creative faculties of its members regularly hosts a series of knowledge workshops, outreach programs, and seminars on a plethora of topics. Collaborating with industry experts, organizations, and institutions, these programs offer valuable insights to every participating member and all those aspiring to build a career in music. The months of February and March 2023, as expected, have been thoroughly invigorating and studded with activities for IPRS members, music creators, independent artists, and music publishers across various parts of India.

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The user-friendly guide to register your work with IPRS

As music consumption goes Digital, there has emerged a situation whereby authors, music composers, and publishers are in a position to generate additional royalty income over time. It is a given fact that the most critical part for claiming, collecting, and distributing royalties for the creation is accurate Metadata ingestion on all platforms and IPRS. Metadata includes details of the song that allows the platforms to discover the creator easily, who can then accurately credit and remunerate the rightful owner. This further helps the IPRS in calculating and disbursing the Royalties accrued to every IPRS member involved in the song.

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IPRS: Shaping the future as a Music Copyright Society

The IPRS has gone on to become the most invaluable and desired support system of the Indian music industry over the years. Standing strong for owner’s rights, royalties, and promoting the creators’ causes, have been driving IPRS while keeping it invigorated and focused over the years.

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IPRS Conducts Workshop For Music Creators, Independent Artists In Dimapur

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), the government-authorized music copyright society representing over 10,000 authors, composers, and music publishers as its members, is now reaching out to the budding music creators and independent artists in the northeast city of Dimapur in Nagaland. Through its outreach programme and knowledge workshop, IPRS will inform and educate songwriters, composers, and music makers from the region about music copyright and how to manage their rights as creators to garner the rightful revenues from their creations.

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