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We are in the process of updating our member information and need your support. Please take a few minutes and get your details correctly registered in our database. Why? All our initiatives and benefits extended to our members, including your royalty monies, rely on our ability to reach out to you. The transactions are online, and regular updates happen through emails and messages. Thus, it is crucial that you submit your contact details with us and regularly update in case of any change. We want that you get the most out of what we have to offer.



I/we, hereby declare and indemnify that the information mentioned hereinabove is True and Correct and shall keep indemnified and harmless the IPRS, its Directors, its office bearers, in case the same is found to be false, I/we would be liable for any claim, damage, demand, suit, complaint, legal action or legal proceedings raised by any third party related to any payments resultant to Royalty, taxes as applicable, Interest, penalty, legal cost and all such associated costs.