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Dear Friends,

This issue of Khanak comes with all its regular bells and whistles, i.e., Creative Corner, Stories from the Industry, Interview of the Month, Expert’s Pick, and FAQs. But I’m most excited about my dream come true – The IPRS Learn And Earn Multicity Workshop Program.

In today’s creator-driven economy, we, the music makers, hold an extraordinary place. But, of course, music has always been an essential part of human civilization (probably since the time we weren’t even civilized). Still, with the changing digital revolution and democratization of the industry, we are seeing the power of individual creation like never before in human history.

To channel this content surge and empower our members, we embarked upon this beautiful journey called ‘Learn & Earn.’ This multi-city workshop series kicked off in Chennai. Next was Hyderabad, and recently we took it to Kolkata. Members of all three cities showered us with love and praise, and the media overwhelmingly appreciated our efforts. We now plan to take this workshop to Ludhiyana and Delhi before bringing it to my home ground: Mumbai.

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Stories from the Industry

IPRS Tops INR 3000 Million Income For The First Time.

The Financial Year 21-22 has been a watershed year in the history of the IPRS with its earnings recording a growth of around 85% from INR 1698 Million (USD 23 Million) in FY 20-21 to INR 3100+ Million (USD 41+ Million) in FY 21-22.

Read More : https://www.cisac.org/Newsroom/society-news/iprs-tops-inr-3000-million-income-first-time/

Indian music industry’s boomtime: Digital sales, streaming and artiste royalties soar

The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd (IPRS), which represents music composers, lyricists and publishers, is singing all the way to the bank.

Read More : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/a-high-note-for-music-copyright-society-as-royalties-soar/article65354321.ece

Section 63 Copyright Act – Copyright Infringement Is A Cognizable & Non Bailable Offence: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court held that the offence of copyright infringement under Section 63 of the Copyright Act is a cognizable and non bailable offence. If the offence is punishable with imprisonment for three years and onwards but not more than seven years the offence is a cognizable offence, the bench comprising Justices MR Shah and BV Nagarathna observed.

Read More : https://www.livelaw.in/top-stories/supreme-court-copyright-infringement-section-63-cognizable-knit-pro-international-vs-state-of-nct-of-delhi-2022-livelaw-sc-505-199775/

‘Praise isn’t enough, pay royalties’: Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS

In the last decade the consumption of music has grown over ten times. The monetisation has not gone up by that rate. For this reason, the Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) launched the ‘Learn and Earn’ initiative. The initiative is planned to bring the community of music artists together to create awareness of music copyright and licensing while helping the community to upskill through knowledge and know-how.

Read More: https://www.livelaw.in/top-stories/supreme-court-copyright-infringement-section-63-cognizable-knit-pro-international-vs-state-of-nct-of-delhi-2022-livelaw-sc-505-199775

CISAC releases its 2022 Annual Report

Growing digital royalties and stronger laws protecting creators’ rights top the list of priorities. CISAC has published its 2022 Annual Report, outlining its work supporting the world’s largest network of authors societies. CISAC’s members comprise 228- authors societies who together manage the rights of over 4 million creators from the music, audiovisual, visual arts, drama, and literature repertoires.

The Report is available to download here

Licence must for playing sound recordings at weddings: Punjab and Haryana High Court

Nearly three years after the Registrar of Copyrights came out with a public notice stating that licence was not required for playing sound recordings in social functions during a wedding, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has quashed the same.

Read More: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/punjab-and-haryana-high-court-licence-must-for-playing-sound-recordings-at-weddings-397783

How the West was won

A brief history of how South Asian music went international.

Read More: http://indiamediamonitor.in/ViewImg.aspx?acr98Rv7Mg9Uu+1oWMjUR8d1qOOC3bAk3v5DWVTujSWKGvAurvkHdn3XVIOJji7rT/bj4Va8PsDXzwPNFYp5HVQ5PkcOWHegRoW+W/qMCgw=

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In Focus: Learn and Earn workshops

IPRS: Empowering Artists with Missionary Zeal

The IPRS has been putting in consistent efforts to empower and support its members. As its ongoing forays to help music creators achieve their goals through an insightful knowledge are efforts to help them deduce how the music business works at an everyday level.

Continuing the initiative, the IPRS recently held two workshops for its members in its newly introduced knowledge series titled “Learn and Earn”. The cities of Chennai (4th May), Hyderabad (6th May) and Kolkata (7th June) were the first three venues for what would be a Pan India Round-The-Year knowledge workshop. The other locations in the first phase include Ludhiana, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Specifically set up for creating awareness among the members about their rights, the role of CMOs like IPRS, and the latest technology and trends shaping careers in music, the workshops turned out to be one of the most enriching experiences for nearly 800 attendees. These sessions aim to up skill and address every minute query of the IPRS members across a broad spectrum of topics.

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Creator’s Corner – A Tribute to Late Maya Govind ji

Maya Govind- An immortal legacy celebrated in poetry

With her demise on the 7th of April 2022, the world of Hindi Cinema and Sahitya has lost one of its most resplendent creative energies that will continue to stoke the fire of creativity in the coming times. Maya Govind, is truly a force of nature.

Her amazing oeuvre sweeping across genres underlines her tremendous versatility. Seen through her Kavya Sangrah, Film songs, Nritya Natikas, Dancing and Acting abilities Mayaji remains one of the stellar personalities that traversed the expansive sojourn from the popular film song to the evolved corridors of literature and Dance.

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Interview of the Month  

Preventing Piracy and Copyright infringement: Blaise Fernandes

Taking on a malaise like copyright infringement and piracy has been a long-standing issue and an onerous task for copyright societies the world over. More often than not due to lack of adequate support, limited perseverance & knowledge they have had suboptimal results. It is therefore heartening to hear more voices and opinions to combat this ailment that has deprived many of their royalties and due credits.

While fighting for a just cause was never easy, merging forces with common crusaders makes the job easier.

The IPRS has always been at the vanguard of helping composers, authors and publishers get their material and artistic dues while staying on the right side of the law. With one of the biggest crusaders of copyright usage in the digital and the physical world IMI also underlining the same noble philosophy, there’s ample reason to now believe that the fight against piracy and Copyright infringement will be fortified with renewed vigour.

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Expert’s Pick – Copyright in Music, Atul Churamani

Copyright in Music

Facts you should know as a Creator & Publisher of Music

One of the most misunderstood terms in the business of Entertainment, especially music, is Copyright. The maze around the word has baffled many and has also been responsible for many controversies in the music ecosystem. To help our IPRS members understand the meaning of the word Copyright and its implications in the simplest terms we have with us one of the stalwarts of the music industry Mr. Atul Churamani, Managing Director at Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd, a veteran in the music industry who is more than eager to help our members understand the nuances of copyright in music in the simplest terms sans legalese.

Q1: What exactly is the meaning of the term copyright and who is it governed by?
Simply put, Copyright is the rule under which people can monetise their creations. Copyright is a part of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in any tangible form of expression. In copyright law, there are different types of works, including paintings, photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, sound recordings, computer programs, books, poems, blog posts, movies, architectural works, plays, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. As a creator when should I register my work/song?
To register your work, you must first become a member of IPRS. As a member, you should register your work as soon as they are released, in order to receive the due royalties. And, this should be as an ongoing process.

2. Can I register my works created before I became an IPRS member?
Yes, you can register those works which were created before you became an IPRS member, as part of your repertoire. In fact, if any of these are already in our database as works registered by the other parties then this will help us to take a confirmation on your works already registered in our database.

3. Why do I need to provide all details even though I have only composed or written the song?
There is certain mandatory information that needs to be filled in while submitting a piece of work. Any member who is a party to the creation as a composer/author/Publisher must provide complete information along with details of all parties involved for any work to be registered. If one of the other parties submit the same track at a later date, then it will be matched with the work already in our database to avoid any chance of duplication. Hence submission of IPIs (Name and Base) of all interested parties becomes significant in such cases.

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From the IPRS Desk :  Nomination process
As a member of IPRS, why is it necessary to have a nominee?

Royalties encourage creativity and helps to support creators in their creative journey. It ensures a source of income for them when they are creating and also when they aren’t. Royalties are the rightful dues of songwriters and composers, and we value the same.

As your copyright society, we have left no stone unturned to get your due royalties and we urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure that you do not miss your rightful dues.

Completing the nomination process is one such important step from your end. We urge our Members to fulfill the nomination process and submit the nominee details during their lifetime to ensure that their legal heirs continue to receive royalties without any glitches or delay.

In the absence of the nominee details, the legalities involved in enrolling a legal heir member can get cumbersome and time-consuming in India. As per the existing law, to enrol as a legal heir member, the applicant needs to comply with the Probate laws Succession laws.

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