IPRS extends support to music makers through its “Learn and Earn” initiative by hosting a knowledge workshop in Chandigarh

Applauding the initiative, legendary singer, songwriter, and actor Gurdas Maanji , said; “As a member of IPRS, I am so happy that IPRS is conducting these knowledge workshops to create awareness among the music creators and artists on copyright, royalties, and technical matters related to music. This will be an added advantage for creators to work in the music industry. I am very glad that IPRS has shouldered such a big responsibility of educating music makers about all that is relevant.

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Hornbill Festival- As a much-needed podium for IPRS to connect with independent music creators, IPRS partnered up with Hornbill Festival as a knowledge partner.

As an extension of its efforts to educate and empower those behind the music through knowledge and know-how, The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) associated with the Hornbill Music Festival, this year as the Knowledge Partner. The festival provided the much-needed podium for the IPRS to connect with independent artists and music creators from the Northeast. 

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Classical Music use on YouTube content soared 90% globally in 2022.

New research suggests that classical music is quickly gaining popularity with content creators on YouTube, with its use reportedly rising 90% globally over the past year. The genre witnessed the fastest annual growth in use across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, which Epidemic described as a “creator-led movement.” The company says that it analyzed metadata and user-generated content from YouTube videos that included songs from its catalog of more than 35,000 music tracks.

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Indians spend 25.7 hours listening to music per week, says the IFPI’s Engaging with Music report

Indians use more than nine methods to engage with music according to a new report released by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. The new report, titled Engaging with Music 2022 explores the ways that people listen to, discover, and engage with music around the world. The organisation claims that the account is the “largest music focused consumer study worldwide”.

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