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No Cash Policy

Unbridled love for music is universal. The joyous experience music brings with it is unmatched and incomparable. Music has always given us something to strive for, and it’s time we give back to music by legally playing music. We would like to inform all our licensees, that IPRS follows a ‘NO CASH POLICY’ for issuing licenses. Any request for cash payment for the IPRS music license should be turned down. IPRS does not issue licenses against cash payment of license fees. The License Fees and the applicable taxes are collected…


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51st AGM 2021

Declaration of Results 51st AGM      Scrutinizer Report 51st AGM      Addendum to the Notice of 51st AGM      Notice of 51st AGM      Annexure A to Notice – Tariff Scheme     Annexure B to Notice – Distribution Rules and Methods     Annual Report FY2020-2021     Nomination Notice for Directors Election     Draft Articles of Association with Proposed Amendments     FORM MGT 7 IPRS 2020-21     51st AGM E voting process    

50th AGM 2020

Chairman’s Declaration of Result on Voting      Scrutinizer Report AGM 2020      Notice of 50th AGM      IPRS Annual Report FY 2019-20      Nomination Notice for Directors Election      Invite for 50th AGM     

India’s IPRS launches new portal designed by SOCAN’s Dataclef

The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) has launched its new members’s portal IPRS 2.0, designed by Dataclef, an affiliate of Canada’s rights society SOCAN. The portal is designed to ensure that IPRS members will be able “to engage more and earn better in this rapidly evolving digitally-engaged world,” according to the Mumbai-based society. The Dataclef-designed portal is expected to significantly improve IPRS’s royalty administration and distribution infrastructure. Through this association, IPRS said it aimed “to empower its members and provide transparency to writers, publishers and composers on payments and other…