Chairman Message – IPRS

Chairman Message

IPRS Chairman

          I am delighted that IPRS has launched its new, revamped website. The website offers a glimpse into the workings of IPRS, the rejuvenated copyright society registered by the Government of India. The IPRS website is a guide for members – to understand how IPRS works, what their rights are and how the collective system works. The website offers a considerable amount of insight to our valued clients/ licensees as well. The website comprises of two sets of information, one, which IPRS is required by law to host and present in a transparent manner and two, other additional and relevant information which will assist our licensees with their licensing choices.

          IPRS has come a long way and today stands firm as a representative body of all of its members, Music Publishers, Lyricists (Authors) and Music Composers. All our members are crucial to the viability of IPRS, this website is intended to be an important window for our members and licensees to interact with IPRS. As IPRS technological development and digital engagement exercise gathers momentum, the website will be joined by other technology assets to ensure increased transparency, fairness and visibility to IPRS members. Users of IPRS music repertoire are no less important, which is why IPRS intends to provide as much information as possible to better inform users of music about their rights and responsibilities. I congratulate the IPRS team for revamping the IPRS website and invite our members and users to interact with IPRS the team more frequently and enthusiastically.

Mr. Javed Akhtar