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From IPRS Desk

IPRS’s campaign #ImagineLifeWithoutMusic reminds us of the importance of Music in our life thus promoting Fair Pay & Fair Play of Music.

Music is an integral part of our daily life. Every festival, ceremony, event, occasion, venue, moment is filled with music. Creators invest huge amount of time, money and creativity to make music. They spend a lifetime to craft the words and melodies for us to enjoy.

#ImagineLifeWithoutMusic, is an initiative from IPRS at the advent of the festive season, for all of us to realize the effort behind the creation.

Creators merit what they deserve. Hence, IPRS issues music license for commercial utilization of music and collects royalties on behalf of music creators and publishers who are our members. At IPRS we look to protect these creative rights for the benefit of the music makers in order to have a sustainable music industry. We are here to help all music users legally play music, so songwriters , composers and publishers get their due credit.

We all Love Music, but how often do we Support Music!

This festive season let’s take a step towards a brighter future for music in our country. Like all other things in our life Music Isn’t Free! Let’s encourage music and Pay for Music.

Spread the word and join our campaign to build a Sustainable Music Ecosystem. For details visit –