What feeds the booming Music Festival scenario in India

What does one say about a country like India which verily has a multitude of music genres and the count of which is only mounting? Music has been the go-to leisure preference for Indian music lovers since ages.  Folk music, film music, classical music, light classical music, devotional music, independent music tagged to the melodies from every region make the Indian music scenario as vibrant as can be.

Every part of India has its own musical lingo that is complete in itself.  With the massive upsurge in producing and consuming music in the digital format Indian music is no longer relegated to the peripheries of India.  In fact, it has traveled far and wide with the Indian performers gaining world-wide acceptance thanks to their exotic, colorful and universal appeal…

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Shailendra – Celebrating the immortal songwriters centenary

Shailendra, considered by many to be the finest songwriter in Hindi cinema ironically was averse to writing lyrics for a film song. The maestro considered himself a pure poet who penned all that came to his mind without tailoring it to suit any musical tune. It was in a way beneath him to write to pre-composed music. But the fact of the matter is that his pen gave us romantic, philosophical, devotional, sad, happy, and other deeply poignant lyrics that have stood the test of time most of which have been written to set tunes.

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As we celebrate the month dedicated to the power of learning, we’re excited to bring you the key highlights from the recent All About Music conference held in Mumbai. We have put together key learnings from the event to help you excel in your musical career. Join us on a journey through the defining moments of this conference, and let the celebration of learning continue!

The Reality of Live Music, Festival & Touring in India

1. Global Expansion: The Handshake concert, which originated in Kohima, has successfully expanded to seven countries, showcasing the global reach of Indian music.

2. Theja Meru, Chairman TaFMA the 3 Principles that mark the success of the Handshake Concert –

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Learn and Earn: Indie edition- Connecting New Age Creators

IPRS celebrated its 54th anniversary with the launch of the Indie edition of “Learn and Earn – Connecting New Age Creators.” This event marked a significant step towards connecting with budding musicians and independent artists aiming to educate and provide them with an exclusive platform to interact with industry experts and established creators.

The event featured curated knowledge sessions to equip independent artists with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive music landscape…

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IPRS Partners with LyricFind to Monetize Lyric Display in India

This collaboration is poised to change the trajectory of the Indian Music industry for IPRS creators and publisher members and global fans helping to bring about domestic, diaspora and international growth.

The partnership ensures that all IPRS creators and publisher members with assigned rights are accounted and paid for the display of their lyrics across all of the over 100 digital platforms and clients of LyricFind.

IPRS now stands shoulder to shoulder with its fellow collective management organizations in licensing digital lyric display through LyricFind and its partners. This collaboration promises to benefit all our members by fostering fan engagement, increasing consumption, and driving growth…

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Bollywood sings the royalty blues

“The great thing about the 2012 amendment is that it made the right to royalty an inalienable right for an author. So if you have written something, then your right to be considered its author and your right to collect royalties is inalienable. Nobody can take that right away from you, even if you have signed a contract that says otherwise.” – Mayur Puri, Lyricist & Board of Director at the IPRS

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If you want great music, you have to learn to pay for it, say composers, and lyricists on World Music Day

On World Music Day, acclaimed music creators took the stage and unveiled the world behind the music through engaging conversations, providing insights into the creation of their iconic songs, and sharing the untold stories behind their creations.

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