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Mr. Sameer Sen

A musician who comes from a lineage of music , Sameer Sen’s journey in music is nothing short of exemplary. From being awarded the title of ‘ Talmani’ by Sur Singer Samsad at a young age to working with the legends of the music, Sameer Sen has been scaling the industry ever since. From debuting as a musician to becoming a music director in the movie Soorma Bhopali, Aina Yeh Dilagi to his upcoming Romeo, his work has echoed through generations. Further, in his career, he began collaborating with his uncle Dilip Sen and was famously recognised as the Dilip Sen Sameer Sen duo in the industry. A family so deeply embedded in the world of music that they have been producing music for years, from veteran musicians like Jamal Sen, Shambhu Sen , Sameer Sen, and Sohail Sen to young aspiring musicians like Samar Sen and Subhaan Sen following their family’s legacy.