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Hello dear friends!

‘Khanak’ is back in your inbox once again with a treasure trove of information.

We learned a lot during our #Learn&Earn Workshops in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

One of the most baffling things that trouble our members is how YouTube royalties’ work.

YouTube has its own terminology and jargon that we must learn to understand how it works. Those who attended the workshop now know the difference between a ‘web asset’ and a ‘sound recording asset’ and how much that can affect your royalties. But there’s more about it in this issue.

Our ‘Expert’s Pick’ section explains how YouTube pays IPRS. Once you read that, you’ll understand that YouTube pays as per advertising on the asset, not on the number of views. And advertisers have a free choice on where to advertise without IPRS having any say in it. So, you might have an asset on YouTube that has millions of views and thousands of ‘likes’ but if there is no advertising on it, it will not generate royalty for you. I know, it’s heartbreaking when even a million views don’t get you any money. But music is a market-driven industry and direct paying consumers are long gone with the death of physical sales. There is subscription -based models, but the number of paid subscriber vs the count of music audience is quite low. While DSPs like Spotify, Hungama, and Apple Music pay royalties to IPRS but several Indian DSPs aren’t willing to pay yet and we are still negotiating. We must understand our place in this highly competitive market, create our own niche identity and build a loyal audience that generates royalty through sustained patronage. This is the only mantra for financial success.

Our FAQ section deals with queries related to nomination. Friends, this is an essential process, please do this formality as soon as possible for the sake of your loved ones.

In ‘Interview of the Month’, Satvinder Kohli sir from Speed Records gives us fascinating insights about regional, especially the Punjabi music industry. It’s amazing to see his all-encompassing view of the global markets and his ambitious vision that has driven Punjabi music to the summit of global popularity.

We also have a wonderful interview with one of my personal favorite artists – Raghu Dixit. He has done so much already in so little time that we can only imagine what greatness the future will take him to.

Please also read more about our fantastic initiatives, the IPRS-Antakshari, and workshops on this issue. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the time, effort, planning, and networking required to pull off these events one after the other. One such mega-event is around the corner!

On Friendship Day, we launched the IPRS Community of Music Creators & Publishers!

This is a place for all of us to come together and celebrate our passion for music.

Collaborations are the most important part of the creative process.

So, let’s capitalise on this community and create the best we can, while we celebrate friendships that lead to timeless creations.

Love and Peace,

Mayur Puri