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Namaskar, my dear friends!

‘Khanak’ is back in your inbox after the seasonal break of a few months and I am so glad to be back!

First of all, I must thank you all for your unequivocal support to the current office-bearers and directors on the board of IPRS in recent elections. Your mandate only reaffirms our faith that good work will be recognized and given credit, sooner or later.

Speaking of credits, in 2021 our key focus was getting due credits for songwriters and we started the online movements #CreditThe Creators and #CreditDeDoYaar. These hashtags became social media rage and were so effective that at the end of the year Spotify put out hoardings with lyricist Irshad Kamil’s photograph celebrating his song ‘Shayad’ for being the most-streamed song. Friends, this has never happened before! Never was a songwriter put on a hoarding before. And while I do not want to steal Irshad bhai’s thunder, I won’t be wrong if I siphon some credit to all the creators who vociferously supported our campaign throughout the year. Because, hey, the same Spotify was missing proper credits to lyricists on their platform at the beginning of 2021. And for the same platform to dedicate a huge billboard to a songwriter – that’s a phenomenal turnaround, isn’t it?

This year, our key focus is going to be on Licensing. We already have #LicenseLiyaKya as a part of our outreach initiatives. On Holi day we ran a fantastic campaign #EnjoyResponsibly where we urged people to get due licenses before they played music. This campaign with a ZERO budget was picked up by several media houses including Financial Express and was compared to the campaigns of several big FMCG brands who must have spent crores on their initiatives. Here’s the link to the video if you haven’t already seen it:


During the pandemic, as you all are well aware, IPRS went far beyond the call of duty and distributed relief funds not once, not twice, but three times. And simultaneously, we organised a plethora of seminars, workshops, and tribute sessions online. This year, since the pandemic blues are finally lifting, we plan to do a lot more activities in the physical space.

I started #CreativeShala in 2020 because we couldn’t organize a proper physical workshop during the lockdown. But now the time is ripe and in the next quarter, we will finally begin our Knowledge Series Workshops. These will be a full-day event and all your queries about Copyright laws, IPRS administration, YouTube distribution policies, and tutorials on our MEMBER PORTAL – will be answered in detail. What’s more, you don’t have to travel to Mumbai to attend these workshops! Starting with Chennai, we will bring the workshop to Hyderabad, Delhi, Punjab, Kolkata, and Mumbai – so that members from each zone of IPRS can benefit locally. Friends, do not miss this golden opportunity in a city near you!

We have also formed regional Adhoc committees to directly address members’ queries. These local committees will be a bridge between IPRS and members and meet as frequently as twice a month to solve problems. In West Zone, this Adhoc committee is headed by noted composer Shri Dilip Sen ji.

IPRS is committed to unity, diversity, and inclusion in all our endevours and these are just a few steps to make sure each member of IPRS is heard and reached out to. We have already begun significant initiatives for women in music: #HERMUSIC has grown leaps and bounds in the last several months. The campaign reached over 2.5 million across platforms, generating awareness about the changing music landscape and opportunities for women in Music. We are overwhelmed by the response as we witnessed a nearly 300% jump in enrolment of women authors and composers in the last year. However, we believe this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead.

We also want to help create more opportunities for regional music creators and foster indigenous music. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me personally at chief@mayurpuri.com.

This issue of Khanak, as always, is packed with information.

The ‘Creator’s Corner’ of this issue is VERY special because it reintroduces the nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar in a new light – as a composer. This is a collectible article, friends, don’t miss it!

Regular columns like ‘Interview of the month’, ‘FAQs’, and ‘Stories from the Industry’ bring to you very interesting information, so do check them out too.

Friends, my editorials are long. But we ARE really doing so much work that it’s impossible for me to crunch everything that needs to be told to you in one single page. I’m sure I’m still missing out on a few things but that’s totally a failure of my memory.

With your love and support, may I never run out of things to talk about!

Love and Peace,
Mayur Puri.
(31st March, 2022).