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Dear Songmakers,

Songs are like perfumes. A perfume maker tries to capture the essence of a flower or a spice in a small bottle. It’s an arduous task, but once a perfume is bottled, it is ready to make every space better by just being released in the air. It is the same with songs. A songwriter tries to capture the essence of feelings, emotions, and human experience then distills this essence into a small bunch of notes and words and creates a song that makes every space better by just existing. Well, some songs are noisier than others, just like some perfumes are more robust than others.

What I’m trying to say is, song-makers like you and me make our world a better place by just existing, and they need to be celebrated, coveted, and rewarded. IPRS and other royalty collection companies across the globe exist expressly to serve this purpose. The good thing is, our IPRS is holding its neck high above amongst its peers. Just this year, IPRS has been called ‘the fastest growing’ royalty collection agency in the world by CISAC. From collecting a mere 34 crores in 2017 to collecting and distributing around 175 crores this year! Yes, IPRS is growing very, very fast. And it couldn’t have happened without your support and the visionary leadership of its Board of directors.

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Interview of the Month  

In Conversation with Aditya Gupta – Director, Aditya Music

The Indian music industry is dominated by film music due to the enormous amount of content produced every year. The Telugu film industry is one of the three largest in India which automatically makes the Telugu music industry amongst the largest in the country.

Over the years Telugu songs have been dubbed or recreated by Bollywood or other regional industries. The third most spoken Indian language has a huge diaspora spread across the world which makes the content attractive to the digital platforms.

The Telugu music industry has taken giant strides over the years and is growing exponentially. The industry’s continuous evolution has ensured changes within the industry, especially the distribution and promotion of the songs. Now with the digitally-driven industry, the market is heavily competitive and the players are not shying away.

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Creators’ Corner

Celebrating Women in Music

In our Creator’s Corner this month, we are Celebrating the Women in Music. For this endeavour IPRS spoke to women from various backgrounds working in the Indian music industry about their journey, difficulties they have encountered, their take on the low number of women working in their respective music fields, and how to encourage them to join the music industry.

Satarupa Sanyal

Satarupa Sanyal is a Bengali independent or parallel cinema film director, producer, actress, poet, and social activist, based in Kolkata. She is well known for her feminist social stances that inform her films. She is trained in Hindustani classical music and Rabindra Sangeet and performed for the All India Radio. She received the National Film Award for Best Lyrics for Chandaneer in 1990. 

Bindhu Malini

Born in a musical family, Bindhu Malini has trained both in Carnatic and Hindustani music and is influenced by the poems of saint Kabir and the songs of Kumar Gandharva. She has received National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer and Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer – Kannada for her songs in the movie Nathicharami. She has composed and recorded songs for films and albums in Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada languages.


The term ‘multi-faceted’ suits Parvathy more than most. She has been an Avant-garde theatre artist, journalist-political commentator, anchor, poet, and lyricist. She has released two anthologies of Tamil poetry namely ‘Ippadikku Naanum Natpum’ and ‘Idhu Vaeru Mazhai’. After her second book of poetry, she decided to enter the film industry and is now a lyricist for Tamil films.

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#AskAmeet – Music Licensing Matters

Music licenses are the most crucial way music creators and publishers get royalties for their musical works. It provides legal permission to someone who’d like to utilize their work. Business units do not have the authority to play music in public places for any commercial purpose without acquiring a music license. Copyright Act, 1957 made it mandatory for all the cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars that play pre-recorded music on their premises to obtain a music license.

The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. (IPRS) aims to drive awareness towards Fair Pay and Fair Play of music by emphasizing the significance of abiding by the licensing norms. In our monthly series #AskAmeet with leading IP lawyer – Ameet Datta, we will try and explain the legal aspects surrounding the music industry in as simple terms as possible. You can mail us your queries. We will try to accommodate as many as possible.

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Behind the Scenes

Introducing the newly launched Member Portal – Team IT

Information technology is ubiquitous today. It became apparent during the COVID period where the wheels of commerce ran on the services provided by Information Technology (IT). At IPRS, we also reinvented ourselves with the changing dynamics of music consumption which witnessed a radical shift with the advent of Digital Service Providers. And with it, the role of IT became pervasive since it is impossible to process billions of lines of data manually to identify works of our members and claim them for royalty payout.  

The work becomes more challenging since the data in the burgeoning music industry, which has embraced digital-first, is yet to be structured in a fashion to be shared across platforms in a single structure. Organizations like CISAC and DDEX are trying to bring order into the chaotic world, introducing new standards and policies periodically. IPRS had readily adapted to these changing world standards. Keeping with its vision to bring transparency to its members, it has tied up with BackOffice Music services, a globally reputed backend service provider to multiple CMOs, to provide a world-class Members Portal.

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Expert’s Pick

Grab The Moneyball… Before It Falls

This session of EmpowerHERMUSIC is titled ‘Grab the Moneyball! Before it Falls!!!’ featuring Soumini Sridhara Paul, Senior Vice President, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Private Limited, and Heena Kriplani, Head, Tunecore India. The discussion aims to help artists/music creators scout new revenue-generating avenues, explore the role of a music label and an aggregator in an artist’s success, and guide the artists to brand themselves for maximum monetary utilisation.

Artists/Songwriters/Creators are now exploring the DIY route to directly streaming their music online, licensing their content online, moving away from the traditional mediums while being ready to experiment. 

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From IPRS Desk

Dear Member,

We welcome you to your Membership Portal.

We have mailed you the details to your official email id (Check your spam and other folders if you haven’t received the mail in your inbox). We have created your profile within the Self-Serve Member Portal. Click on the link to enter the Portal – https://iprs.backoffice-ms.com. Please use your username and password to log in and access your account. Alternatively, you can find the link on the IPRS website www.iprs.org homepage under the Music Creators Section titled – Members Self-Serve Portal. You can also log in to the Portal through the Existing Members Page.

Please note that IPRS conducts regular training sessions every Tuesday and Friday (excluding holidays) @ 11.30 AM to facilitate optimal use of the Members Self-Serve Portal.

For queries regarding the Members Self-Serve Portal, please call our Help Desk at +91 80975 39960. The Help Desk Service shall remain open from 10 AM to 7 PM every day except national holidays and Sundays. Or write to us at membership@iprsltd.com.

We welcome all our members to the Self-Serve Member Portal. Explore and familiarise yourself with the functionalities available. We are just a call/mail away for any help required.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive regular queries from our members on different topics and issues. In this section, we will reply to the frequently asked questions, and help/guide all our members to clarify their doubts. Email your queries to us at membership@iprsltd.com. We will try and answer your questions in our upcoming editions of KHANAK.

As a member how do it register my works with IPRS?
To register tracks with IPRS, you need to share the complete metadata in the desired Data Upload format. Please visit the IPRS website  https://iprs.org/already-a-member/ to download the Work Notification Bulk Upload format. Fill in your details and email them to documentation@iprsltd.com, documentationsupport@iprsltd.com 

I am an IPRS member. How can I change/update my contact details?
IPRS members can now change their contact details (Address, Email id, Mobile no.) with one click. Log in to https://iprs.org/members/kymform.php and submit the details. We encourage all our members to ensure that their contact details are updated in the IPRS database regularly. All our initiatives and benefits extended to our members, including the royalty monies paid out, rely on our ability to reach out to them. The transactions are online, and regular updates happen through emails and messages. Thus, it is crucial that our members submit their contact details with us and regularly update them in case of any change. We want that our members get the most out of what we have to offer.

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Stories from the Industry

CISAC has just released its Global Collections Report for 2021.

(based on 2020 collections data). Click the link to view – https://www.cisac.org/about/reports/global-collections-reports

We want people to understand playing music is not free: Rakesh Nigam.

Over the years, The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS), has been India’s only Copyright Society representing the Authors, Composers, and Publishers of music. The organization has put relentless efforts to nurture an ecosystem that encourages creativity and fair value for music and its creators.

In an exclusive interview with Media Info line, Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS, spoke about the importance of Music Licensing and the prevailing challenges. https://www.mediainfoline.com / interview /interview-of-rakesh-nigam-ceo-iprs

Podcasts and audio-books surge in popularity as people look for alternatives to get a break from screens.

The top genres on the platform are business, education, self-improvement, religion, spirituality and true crime. https://brandequity.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/media/podcasts-and-audio-books-surge-in-popularity-as-people-look-for-alternatives-to-get-a-break-from-screens/87021333

Warner Music India launches MAATI a new label focused on Indian folk music.

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide a mainstream platform for indigenous talent, Warner Music India has announced the launch of a new record label – Maati.  The label will feature artists from across the length and breadth of the country, who have been discovered by Warner Music India and represent their regions’ local music fused with their unique styles.  https://www.adgully.com/warner-music-india-launches-maati-a-new-label-focused-on-indian-folk-music-110122.html

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