Frequently Asked Questions – IPRS

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive regular queries from our members on different topics and issues. In this section, we will reply to the frequently asked questions, and help/guide all our members to clarify their doubts. Email your queries to us at We will try and answer your questions in our upcoming editions of KHANAK.

As a member how do I register my works with IPRS?

To register tracks with IPRS, you need to share the complete metadata in the desired Data Upload format. Please visit the IPRS website to download the Work Notification Bulk Upload format. Fill in your details and email them to; 

Below are a few guidelines that will help you in filling your work data as per the requirement of the format.

The Upload Format File contains various sheets that contain information you will require to fill in relation to your work.
  • Language of work: Options for applicable languages
  • Sub Category: Options for work grouping
  • Versions of the work: Whether Original or Modified
  • Member Details: list of IPRS members with their IPI numbers.
  • Name Type in Members Details –
PA – This is the registered name of the artist. So, the IPI Name Number which is written beside the same should be entered

PP – This is the registered name of the artist. So, the IPI Name Number which is written beside the same should be entered

PG – Meant for the collaboration. For example – Vishal-Shekhar – Here you need to mention Vishal Dadlani’s IP Name number in one column and Shekhar Ravjiani’s IP Name number in another column. Accordingly, you need to split the share i.e. 25 will be divided among the two = 12.5 each

  • IPI Number for Public Domain DP: 00039657154
  • Please note if the author, composer, or publisher is a member use code 036 which is the IPRS member code & in the case of non-member use code 099.
  • Please ensure that the member names are spelled correctly.
  • Kindly share Publisher’s YouTube link or any other Streaming site such as JioSaavn, Gaana, etc ( eg: or Scan copy of inlay card [in case the track is not present in any streaming platform] which has details of composer, author, and publisher. This is required to validate your work.
  • In the case of Publishers, it is mandatory to provide the DSP IDs of platforms where the tracks are being played

In case you have any difficulties in filling the Upload format you can join the training session with the zoom link provided below:

Topic: Work Upload Training Session for IPRS Members
Every week: Tuesday & Friday
Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm

Write to for the link to the session

I am an IPRS member. How can I change/update my contact details?

IPRS members can now change their contact details (Address, Email id, Mobile no.) with one click. Log in to and submit the details. We encourage all our members to ensure that their contact details are updated in the IPRS database regularly. All our initiatives and benefits extended to our members, including the royalty monies paid out, rely on our ability to reach out to them. The transactions are online, and regular updates happen through emails and messages. Thus, it is crucial that our members submit their contact details with us and regularly update them in case of any change. We want that our members get the most out of what we have to offer.