Jay Mehta – Managing Director Warner Music India


The success story of Warner Music in India (WMI) is the talk of the music circles. Led by the young & dynamic Jay Mehta, whose proactive approach to reach unexplored musical horizons in India gives them a unique identity and presence, Warner Music is here to stay. In this revealing conversation with IPRS Jay Mehta opens up about the Warner Music Group foray into the Indian market & their mega plans for the Indian music ecosystem


Warner Music is on an expansion spree with licensing agreements and partnerships with established Indian labels across India. What is the vision behind these multiple deals?


Ans: I took over during the lockdown period which was replete with challenges, but the ambitious idea of being among the top 3 Indian labels within 5 years was one of the driving forces at Warner. We dreamt big.


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Could you throw some light on role of the music producer in the present context?


Traditionally speaking, the music composer composes the melody keeping the singer in mind or by focusing purely on composing the melody. More often than not the composer used the piano for his composing. The job of writing all the pieces for the various instruments like the violins, violas, cellos, trumpets playing in the song called for the person who was well-versed with sheet music notations . This was the orchestrator who we identify as the arranger. The Arrangers job was to bring out the bigger musical feel and write the pieces for 40 or more instruments in the song. This was mainly because there was no amplification technology available in the time. Accompaniment to a song was through a whole orchestra…
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Experts Pick- Rochelle Dsouza Mental Health Day – 10th October


How can I manage performance anxiety or stage price which is affecting my ability to perform at my best?


ANS: Performance anxiety is a common problem faced by creators and performers at all stages in their careers. Most of these anxiety issues are related to fear of the audience. I would like to advise performers that getting to see the audience from a different perspective would help mitigate the anxiety. Thinking of the audience as cartoon characters or aliens or even as family members or children would be an effective way to curb the anxiety. Another ploy is to just forget the audiences and do you thing fearlessly.

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Events at IPRS


Taking ahead it’s considered quest for the holistic development of the music community generally and of its members in particular the IPRS is always looking to associate, host or support meaningful programs and seminars across the music landscape.


It was therefore only an extension of this thought that the IPRS partnered with one of India’s leading film making school Whistling Woods. The well received event “Music Marathon- The World Behind Music” held in October was punctuated with an array of workshops and master classes conceived specially to educate upcoming musical students and prodigal talent.


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Dear Music Creators


With the festive season beckoning, the time for celebration is upon us. As has been the scenario for years the one thing that towers over every other means of joy and mirth is music. Every possible event venue ceremony including restaurants, clubs and auditoria has music as its major source of entertainment. A celebration without music is merely an assemblage of people huddled together in a space. Take away the music and there is a void petering into nothingness.


Live events and shows are the flavor of the season and draw the maximum mileage in terms of public adulation, business and income generation. It is the time of the year when music creators like you are in an elevated zone. Everything else besides performing…

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International Music Creators Seminar 2023 spurs collaborations, advocacy, and visionary discourse


IPRS orchestrated the International Music Creators Seminar on behalf of CISAC and the Asia Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA) on December 5th, 2023, in Mumbai. The event witnessed insightful discussions that illuminated the opportunities and challenges facing the music industry, emphasizing the importance of cross-border partnerships. The turnout exceeded 100 music creators from India and abroad, including industry executives, policymakers, and music enthusiasts.

Read more: https://indiantelevision.com/iworld/over-the-top-services/international-music-creators-seminar-2023-spurs-collaborations%2C-advocacy%2C-and-visionary-discourse-231207

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