KHANAK November 2022 Issue




CISAC’s Benjamin NG and Liam Donnelly with the IPRS’ Rakesh Nigam on the path forward for India’s royalty distribution.

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). Founded in 1926, the organisation oversees 228 authors’ societies from 119 countries representing music publishers and creators from music, audio-visual, drama, visual arts and literature.

The IPRS has been steadfastly transforming itself to adhere to international standards while simultaneously attempting to structure and add transparency to India’s copyright and royalty distribution ecosystem.

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Northeast India – The New Echo Chamber of World Music

A largely dreamy part of India that has till recently been a pale shadow of the other Indian states, Northeast India is in the news for its stupendous musical culture. Mind you, it is not that this tenor of the times has surprised the locals, but the fact that the whole of India is now plugged in to this potent musical culture certainly has. Music brewed in the Northeast today also has found global takers who are readily lapping up sounds from the region.

Long after being pilloried as a poor echo of the white-man’s music the new Northeastern Musician has found a distinctive identity all his own.

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Highlights from the CISAC Global Report

CISAC report- The authoritative head that oversees music copyright societies around the world, CISAC, recently released their annual global report. The report summarises the progress made after the global pandemic that universally brought everything to a halt. CISAC is a Paris based international confederation of Societies which oversees music copyright societies in 119 countries representing more than 4 million creators.

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Learn and Earn in Chandigarh

An IPRS bonanza for members

Renowned for its vibrant and colourful musical heritage, Punjabi music is the triumphant vehicle and the symbolic representation of celebratory music cutting across national and international diaspora.
Music creators from the region, known for their exuberance and panache have garnered legions of followers all across. In fact, Bhangra music and its intoxicating zing is a virtual ticket to dance floors across pubs and parties on the planet. Many of these performers have no less than a cult following. It would therefore only be kosher to assume that these worthies get the deserved recognition and the merited financial compensation for their accomplishments. However, the reality is quite different. Many of these artists at most times lose on both the fronts for lack of awareness on matters impacting their rights. The IPRS – a true friend of music creators- has therefore yet again reached out to its members, this time in Chandigarh, with its “Learn & Earn” initiative, with an exclusive workshop hosted for IPRS members from the territory of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

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Everything a modern day creator must know about Metadata

As music consumption goes Digital, there has emerged a situation whereby songwriters, music composers, and publishers are in a position to generate additional royalty income over time. With IPRS in sync with music playing platforms, much to the benefit of creators and publishers, royalty collections, unlike earlier, has seen unprecedented growth. It is a given fact that the most critical part for claiming, collecting, and distributing royalties for the creation is accurate Metadata ingestion on these platforms and IPRS. Metadata includes details of the song that allows the platforms to discover the creator easily, who can then accurately credit and remunerate the rightful owner. This further helps the IPRS in calculating and disbursing the Royalties accrued to every IPRS member involved in the song.

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IPRS extends support to music makers through its “Learn and Earn” initiative by hosting a knowledge workshop in Chandigarh

Applauding the initiative, legendary singer, songwriter, and actor Gurdas Maanji , said; “As a member of IPRS, I am so happy that IPRS is conducting these knowledge workshops to create awareness among the music creators and artists on copyright, royalties, and technical matters related to music. This will be an added advantage for creators to work in the music industry. I am very glad that IPRS has shouldered such a big responsibility of educating music makers about all that is relevant.

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Hornbill Festival- As a much-needed podium for IPRS to connect with independent music creators, IPRS partnered up with Hornbill Festival as a knowledge partner.

As an extension of its efforts to educate and empower those behind the music through knowledge and know-how, The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) associated with the Hornbill Music Festival, this year as the Knowledge Partner. The festival provided the much-needed podium for the IPRS to connect with independent artists and music creators from the Northeast. 

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